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Firearms Training

-Canadian Non-Restricted Firearms Program.

-Canadian Restricted Firearms Program.

-Introductory and Advance Classes for Long Gun and Pistol

- Tactical Handgun.

- Tactical Carbine.

- Tactical Shotgun.

-Urban and Long Range Scope Rifle.

The Academy provides professional programs to all types of agencies, from Military, Law Enforcement, to civilians. We have a course to meet your needs.

Defensive Tactics

-Pressure Point Control Tactics. Tactical handcuffing, pressure point control, and Tactical Baton.

-Military Knife Combative Programs.

-Single and Double Stick Combatives.

-Empty Hand Combatives/Tactical Takedowns.

-Awareness and Personal Protection Programs.


The Academy provides extensive defensive programs and has been catering to large organizations in Canada to keep our officers and citizens safe.

Martial Arts

-Japanese Samurai Bujinkan Martial Arts Dojo --Associated with Bujinkan Dojos of Japan directed by Massaki Hatsumi Soke.

-Bujinkan Instructor Certified 15th Dan through Massaki Hatsumi.

-6th degree black belt in Renegade Jeet Kune Do/Modern Arnis.


As a long time member in the Japanese, Philipino, and Chinese arts, the academy provides classes for all ages. For more information see our website at

We Specialize on One on One Training as well as Large Groups

Inquire on our Start up Programs in Long Gun and Pistol

Send us a email for more information on our professional training.


Everything from 9mm semi automatic pistols,semi-automatic rifles, to larger calibre bolt action rifles.

Make bookings to come out the the range and shoot some of the most modern day firearms. Sako TRG-42 with Nightforce 7-32x56 ATACR optics, Tikka T3X A1, Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion with Romeo Pro optic and more.


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