Tactical Programs.

The tactical programs are available to anyone with backgrounds in good standing. Criminal record checks with either the R.C.M .P or a City Police agency is required. A letter from one of these agencies must be presented before registration. For the firearm enthisist, the tactical programs will give you a more diverse understanding of the firearm being instructed.

Practical/Tactical Carbine AR-15/M4


IThis course is designed for the owner of a carbine who desires to learn safe and effective techniques in utilizing the carbine firearm.


Course content:

-Firearm safety applicable to the range.

-Discussion on the use of the carbine, including applications, strengths, and its limitations.

-Shooting from alternate positions.

-Safe carry modes.

-How to load and reload rapidly, and to clear stoppages.

-How to zero the rifle.'

-Rifle/carbine philosophy.

-Marksmanship development.

-Cleaning and maintenance.


Length: 6 hours

Tuition: $400 plus GST

Dates: May 25, May 26, June 15, June 16  2019 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.

Advance Carbine AR-15/M4


This course is for students wishing to advance their skills relating to tactical applications in a patrol orientated environment and is designed to take the officer beyond the basics of patrol application.  Practical/Tactical carbine is required to take this course. Advance carbine is designed for law enforecement and corrections officers with experience in carbine operation.


Course content:

-Movement shooting. Pivots and turns.

-Use of vehicle for cover.

-Vehicle dismounts.

-Shooting positions, (Standing, Kneeling, Prone).

-Tactical team work.

-Transition from carbine to pistol.

-Equipment usage.

-Balistics and scenarios.


Length: 8 hours

Tuition: $500 plus GST

Dates: June 1, June 2, and June 22 and June 23 2019 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.


CQB/Tactical Pistol-Weaver/Isosceles 

This course is dynamic and pro-active approach to the pistol for specialized personnel who needs to push their handgun skills beyond basic or intermediate requirements. This course will begin reviewing fundamental skills from practical/tactical pistol and will progress to a higher level whereby movement, assessment, and hostile target engagement are made in quick and decisivefashion for the individual.


Content includes:

-Non-competitive environment to encourage the student to work with their human responses.

-Decisive engagement of anatomically correct shot placement.

-Situational ready positions.

-Enhancement of natural body speed to facilitate accurate hits.

-Distraction drills.

-Pistol refunction drills (one handed-two handed).

-Radial turns and holster drawing from locations on the body.


Length: 6 hours

Tuition: $500 plus GST

Dates: July 13, 20 2019 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.


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