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Tactical Programs.

The tactical programs are available to anyone with backgrounds in good standing. Criminal record checks with either the R.C.M .P or a City Police agency is required. A letter from one of these agencies must be presented before registration. For the firearm enthisist, the tactical programs will give you a more diverse understanding of the firearm being instructed.

CQB/Tactical Pistol-Weaver/Isosceles 

This course is a dynamic and proactive approach to the pistol for specialized personnel who needs to push their handgun skills beyond basic or intermediate requirements. This course will begin reviewing fundamental skills from practical/tactical pistols and will progress to a higher level whereby movement, assessment, and hostile target engagement are made in a quick and decisive fashion for the individual.


Content includes:

-Non-competitive environment to encourage the student to work with their human responses.

-Decisive engagement of anatomically correct shot placement.

-Situational-ready positions.

-Enhancement of natural body speed to facilitate accurate hits.

-Distraction drills.

-Pistol re-function drills (one-handed-two-handed).

-Radial turns and holster drawing from locations on the body.


Length: 6 hours

Tuition: $500 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through September 30, 2024  or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.



Center Axis Relock-Military, L.E, Civilian



The most noticeable feature of the CAR System is its unique firing stance. The creator Paul Castle. There are four positions that are taught, each of which is used based on how far the target is from the shooter, as well as various tactical considerations for the situation. All firing positions are based on the bladed stance, which means the shooter is standing in a combat-ready fighting stance. The non-dominant shooting arm is closest to the target. In addition, all four positions involve keeping the firearm very close to the torso compared to other shooting stances, and in all but one, the weapon is held tilted slightly to one side rather than vertically. 



-High Position

-Combat High



In-depth training on the 6R's- Reacting, Reducing, Reloading, Recovery, Returning, and Re-tension.

Throughout the training course, the student will cover several tactical combative drills and applications.


Length: (Civilian-16 hours)-(Military, Law Enforcement-24 hours).

Tuition: (Civilian-$595.00 plus GST).

(Military-Law Enforcement-$695.00 plus GST).

Dates:  (Civilian) May 15 through August 31 2022 Other dates to be scheduled with the Training Academy

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