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In 1998, the Training Academy was created in conjunction with the martial arts training center to provide Military, Law Enforcement, and the public accessibility to firearms education, defensive tactics, and protective services available throughout the world. From beginner to the expert tactician, we can provide new and inovative experiences in training that will meet your needs.

Company Profile.

Education course and program background:

Canadian Federal Non-Restricted and Restricted Course License


Glock U.S.A-Advanced Armor and Pistol Course of Fire.


-Smith & Wesson Academy-Scoped Rifle, Tactical Carbine.


-Sig Arms Academy-Tactical pistol .


-Sabre Tactical-Paul Castle-Centre Axis Relock, pistol and shotgun, gun retension.


-Edged Weapon and Defense Tactics.


Military Combatives-Empty hand, Stick, and Knife Tactics.

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