Multiple firearm programs available.

Here at the academy, we offer multiple courses, whether you focus on only a single firearm or a assortment together. We can cater to all your entry level and advanced needs.

                   Covid-19 Updates
Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms                              P.A.L

New Update June 11 2020-Good day everyone.  I know everyone is anxious to get back to the CFSC classroom, we continue to hear from the CFO regularly , and  I can share with you that the CFO has close contact with Saskatchewan Advance Education.  They have been advised that the CFSC is covered by vocational education and private education and as such and are being governed accordingly.  Once we know a date for return to instruction everyone will be advised.  Thanks for your patience.

As of mid March 2020, the Provincial CFO had ceased all PAL course until further notice. As Saskatchewan opens into phase 3 June 8 2020, the PAL course providers will be contacted to resume classes when group restrictions are lifted. Anyone wanting to participate in these courses should sign up asap so the school can organize class dates upon registration. Any further questions, contact the school.

Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms                                      P.A.L


The Canadian Non-Restricted Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Safety Course (CRFSC) is designed to apply the broadest possible spectrum of novice firearm users. Existing firearms safety courses across Canada have a proven track record in the reduction of firearm related incidents. However, most of these courses have been designed and delivered for firearm use in a specific activity. The CFSC and the CRFSC is a introductory firearm safety course intended for ALL new firearm users.


The Canadian Non-Restricted and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course consists of two parts. One is classroom instruction. The other is learning the material from the instructional manual. There will be a written test along with a practical examination. Also available is the challenge exam which the student will cover the material on their own, and make an appointment to do the exams. Must be 18 years of age to acquire.

As of Aug. 31 2015 the Academy follows the new course standards and instructor requirements by using disabled firearms for classroom presentation as well as transport, storage, and display regulations.


Cost: $100.00 plus GST.

Non-Restricted Course Dates:  Sign up for dates 2020

Restricted Course Dates: Sign up for dates 2020

Email the Academy for details and availability for more course dates.

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