Multiple firearm programs available.

Here at the academy, we offer multiple courses, whether you focus on only a single firearm or a assortment together. We can cater to all your entry level and advanced needs.

Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms                                      P.A.L


The Canadian Non-Restricted Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Safety Course (CRFSC) is designed to apply the broadest possible spectrum of novice firearm users. Existing firearms safety courses across Canada have a proven track record in the reduction of firearm related incidents. However, most of these courses have been designed and delivered for firearm use in a specific activity. The CFSC and the CRFSC is a introductory firearm safety course intended for ALL new firearm users.


The Canadian Non-Restricted and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course consists of two parts. One is classroom instruction. The other is learning the material from the instructional manual. There will be a written test along with a practical examination. Also available is the challenge exam which the student will cover the material on their own, and make an appointment to do the exams. Must be 18 years of age to acquire.


As of Aug. 31 2015 the Academy follows the new course standards and instructor requirements by using disabled firearms for classroom presentation as well as transport, storage, and display regulations.


Cost: $100.00 plus GST.

Non-Restricted Course Dates:  March 21 2020

Restricted Course Dates: March 22  2020

Email the Academy for details and availability for more course dates.

 Glock Tactical Pistol Course of Fire


Available programs for the Glock Enthusiast and Military, Law Enforcement Personnel.


Course content:

-Postures to engage in a combative situation.

-Decisive engagement of anatomically correct targets with disciplined and effective shot placement.

-Situational ready positions.

-Enhancement of "Natural Body Speed" to facilitate and place accurate hits (Speed shooting).

- Proper combat focus

-Distraction drills (Hostile and non-hostile settings).

-Engagement of concentrated and dispersed multiple targets.

-Strong and supporting hand techniques.

-Pistol re-function techniques.

-Radial turns and holster draws.

- Shooting from conventional and unconventional positions.

-Shooting from 2-25 yard course of fire.

-Timed course of fire for qualification.


Length: 9 hours

Tuition: $400 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through August 31 2020 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.


Tactical Scope Rifle


This course is designed to develop and enhance the skills of the tactical observer/marksman. Most of the building block to tactical scope rifle marksmanship is applied to the most commonly faced situations. this course includes exercises that will have the student working under stress from supported and unsupported positions, as well as hasty positions. The overall goal is to produce a more well-rounded and prepared tactical observer/marksman to meet the ever-increasing needs.


Course content:

-The tactical observer/marksman team:Capabilities and Duties.

-Logistics: Selection and application of the precision rifle.


Lenght: 12 hours.

Tuition: $600.00 plus GST.

Dates: To be scheduled with the Training Academy.



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