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 Glock Tactical Handgun Course of Fire


Available programs for the Glock Enthusiast and Military, Law Enforcement Personnel.


Course content:

-Postures to engage in a combative situation.

-Decisive engagement of anatomically correct targets with disciplined and effective shot placement.

-Situational ready positions.

-Enhancement of "Natural Body Speed" to facilitate and place accurate hits (Speed shooting).

- Proper combat focus

-Distraction drills (Hostile and non-hostile settings).

-Engagement of concentrated and dispersed multiple targets.

-Strong and supporting hand techniques.

-Pistol re-function techniques.

-Radial turns and holster draws.

- Shooting from conventional and unconventional positions.

-Shooting from 2-25 yard course of fire.

-Timed course of fire for qualification.


Length: 9 hours

Tuition: $400 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through August 31 2022-23 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.


 Glock Tactical Handgun 


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