We have several introductory courses available to the population for educational and practical purpose. Whether its leaning firearm safety, pistol- rifle shooting, or defensive tactics/martial arts for enjoyment, we have it.

 Glock Tactical Pistol Course of Fire


Available programs for the Glock Enthusiast and Military, Law Enforcement Personnel.


Course content:

-Postures to engage in a combative situation.

-Decisive engagement of anatomically correct targets with disciplined and effective shot placement.

-Situational ready positions.

-Enhancement of "Natural Body Speed" to facilitate and place accurate hits (Speed shooting).

- Proper combat focus

-Distraction drills (Hostile and non-hostile settings).

-Engagement of concentrated and dispersed multiple targets.

-Strong and supporting hand techniques.

-Pistol re-function techniques.

-Radial turns and holster draws.

- Shooting from conventional and unconventional positions.

-Shooting from 2-25 yard course of fire.

-Timed course of fire for qualification.


Length: 9 hours

Tuition: $400 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through August 31 2020 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.


Practical Pistol


This course offers the opportunity to develop and refine basic shooting skills and to concentrate on the dynamic tactical utilization of the pistol or revolver, and serves as a excellent individual skill development program. Tactical potential will be explored in this 6 hour course. Training will be at our outdoor range. A strong emphasis in this course is placed upon requiring the target and holster draw work.


Content includes:

-Two Handed grip techniques.

-One hand dominant draw techniques.

-Dominant and opposite hand reload and immediate action techniques.

-Shooting while moving.

-Distance values and ballistics.


Length: 6 hours

Tuition: $495.00 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through August 31 2020  or to be scheduled with the Academy.


Center Axis Relock-Military, L.E, Civilian



The most noticeable feature of the CAR System is its unique firing stance. The creator Paul Castle. There are four positions that are taught, each of which is used based on how far the target is from the shooter, as well as various tactical considerations for the situation. All firing positions are based on the bladed stance, which means the shooter is standing in in a combat ready fighting stance. The non-dominant shooting arm is closest to the target. In addition, all four positions involving keeping the firearm very close to the torso compared to other shooting stances, and in all but one, the weapon is held tilted slightly to one side rather than vertically. 



-High Position

-Combat High



In depth training on the 6R's- Reacting, Reducing, Reloading, Recovery, Returning, and Re-tension.

Throughout the training course, the student will cover several tactical combative drills and applications.


Lenght: (Civilian-16 hours)-(Military, Law Enforcement-24 hours).

Tuition: (Civilian-$595.00 plus GST).

(Military-Law Enforcement-$695.00 plus GST).

Dates:  (Civilian) May15 through August 31 2020 Other dates to be scheduled with the Training Academy

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