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L.A.S.R Training for Indoor Use.

Full Blowback - Safe for Indoor Use
  • Safe Training with Airsoft for a fraction of the cost of live ammo and range time.

  • Train for Real Scenarios and Realistic Drills
    Training with Airsoft allows all shooters to perform realistic drills.

  • Full Blowback and No Need To Recycle Your Gun
    Airsoft guns provide full blowback without the need to recycle your weapon.

  • Indoors Training
    Airsoft enables you to perform realistic training anytime, anywhere. Safe for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Great for all ages. No Live ammuntion.

Flash with LASR software
  • Available on both Pistols and Rifles
    Train with the look and feel of your favorite firearms. The training academy prides ourselves on listening to our client's needs and bringing the best and most innovative training products to the market. We have developed a few different solutions for Airsoft users both for pistols and rifles.

  • Full Blowback Gives You The Most Realistic Experience
    Get full Blowback when training .

  • Develop Combat and Force-On-Force Skills
    Can be used with war-gaming and close quarter battles. Develop your combat skills, by training force-on-force with different teams.

Easy & REAL

  • Realistic Training Scenarios
    Practice combat training and more realistic scenarios at home or outdoors.

  • Choose between Visible or IR Lasers
    Like all of our training solutions, you can choose between red or IR lasers, by changing different vibration caps you can change functionality, laser pulse length and customize it to work with any simulator. It is also easy to change batteries.

  • Train with your AR-15
    No need to cycle the handle on your AR-


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