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Whether your learning about firearm safety, applying for your Non-Restricted or Restricted P.A.L, Sport shooting,  or just having a group outing to have some fun, the training academy is available for all your needs.
Why Us?

Our goal at the training academy is to ensure that each student receives the greatest possible benefit from every course. Admission to the training academy is open to all citizens who are 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult and  has no criminal history. A letter stating you are a member in good standing in your community from any community official or a copy of your P.A.L. firearms licence is required. Academy courses are offered periodically throughout the year to provide scheduling flexibility and class size, which ensures that each student receives the optimum level of personal attention. Register as early as possible.


Note that class prices do not include GST and are subject to change,  please inquire. Classes are held at our location of: 129 2nd ave N. Saskatoon Saskatchewan and the outdoor shooting ranges are in Saskatoon and Watrous Saskatchewan. So when training outdoors come prepared for all weather conditions.


Upon enrollment of courses, you will receive a student needs list, which will detail the equipment required for the course. Some specialty items may be purchased through the training academy. 

We recommend that you use your own firearms, however if you do not have a particular firearm or the proper licencing, the training academy can permit the use of the firearms needed for the course. (pistol, rifle, shotgun, carbine) at no extra charge to the student.


Your firearms must be safe, reliable and have the proper registration to use for the courses provided. Rifles and handguns must be rim fire or center fire caliber, shotgun courses, we will use 12 gauge pump-action. All ammunition is to supplied by the students for all courses.


The courses listed on the website are off law enforcement and military background. These courses will give the student ample information and tactical background for applying into justice, law enforcement, military service. Course material and tactical skills in firearms training are from the worlds largest firearm-tactical training academies nationally and internationally.







Tuition is payable upon registration by E-Transfer. A letter confirming your course reservation will be sent to you, after payment of the course has been provided. You may cancel this contract at anytime within 14 days after you signed the release form by sending the registered letter, email, or notice by personal delivery to the training academy. Any termination after 14 days of signing the contract of the participant does not entitle the participant to refunds of the course fees in whole or in part.

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