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 As of May 1 2020, the Academy will be instructing Laser Simulation on AR chassis ban type Rifles. Please inquire to the Academy for more details. Pistol caliber carbine can be substituted for development.


Rifle/Carbine Basics AR15 M4


This course is designed for the owner of a carbine who desires to learn safe and effective techniques in utilizing the carbine firearm.


Course Outline 

  • Rifle selection and support equipment review

  • Rifle manipulation skills (loading, clearing, Stoppages, malfunctions)

  • Marksmanship fundamentals

  • Zeroing procedures (iron sight discussed and red dots)

  • Marksmanship development.

  • Bolt lock reloads

  • Safe carry modes.

  • Stoppage/Malfunction clearances

  • Multiple target transitions

  • Positional shooting

  • Practical application drills

  • Cleaning and maintenance discussion

Equipment List 

  • Semi-automatic rifle or carbine with sling and optic (calibers supported: 5.56, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39)​

  • 2 magazines

  • Magazine pouches

  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide

  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning

  • Clothing suitable for training in any weather

  • Wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses

  • Ear protection

Length: 5 hours

Tuition: $300 plus GST

Dates: May 15 through September 30, 2022-23 or to be scheduled with the Training Academy.

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